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At DDDream, film distribution is our business, yet it is never just about business. DDDream Cares about people. We always aim our services to reach and connect people who make films, who distribute films, who watch films.

We believe that the voices and visions in films can inspire a broader way of thinking, a kinder way of living, and in the end, a mutual care for people connected by films.

Via stories told by films, DDDream shares thoughts that convey warmth, delights that touch with depth, and the power that roots in creativity and unique perception in art and life.

Business does matter, and DDDream also Cares.




We classify our film distribution into two categories: DDDREAM DISCOVERS and DDDREAM CLASSICS.


With a unique passion and strong vision for scouting exceptional films prior to their commercial release, DDDream collaborates with state owned enterprises and media outlets to provide the films with effective distribution and visibility in China. Titles include: The Hurt Locker, The Queen, Tsotsi, The King's Speech, Son of Saul, Lean on Pete, My Life as a Zucchini, etc.


Our Classics series refers to our repertoire of Academy Award winning films and other internationally acclaimed titles that we have proudly brought to Chinese audiences over the years. Such titles include masterpieces such as Central Station, A Room with a View, In My Country, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, Traffic, Lives of Others, Nakita, The Other Man, Bullets Over Broadway, etc.





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