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Notes from Elizabeth H. Yang

Chief Representative of Branding China and Founder and President of DDDream

My One-World Dream

The People Behind the Titles


The Sichuan Earthquake Special

A collection of articles written by prominent Chinese Leaders reflecting upon the Sichuan Earthquake.

Authors include Mr. Rong-rong Li-Minister of SASAC, Mr. Peng Shujie- Earthquake Frontline Commandor-in-Chief, Xinhua News Agency, and DDDream's own Elizabeth H. Yang.


The CGCC Impact special

In light of President Xi Jinping's first visit to the US, we partnered with CGCC (China General Chamber of Commerce) and
internviewed leaders of a few state-owned and priviate companies with a global impact.

Mr. Tian Guoli, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bank of China

Mr. Xu Lejiang, Chairman of the Board, Baosteel Group Corporation

Mr. Lu Guanqiu, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Wanxiang Group Corporation

Mr. Cui Dianguo, Chairman, CRRC Corporation Limited



Powerful Leaders from China

Mr. Victor Koo, Founder and CEO of Youku.com

Youku.com Inc. is China’s leading Internet television company launched in December 2006. with gross revenues over RMB 191 million in 2009, Youku recently merged with Tudou.com this year.


Mr. Qi-Zheng Zhao, Minister of State Council Information Office (SCIO)

SCIO works in close collaboration with government departments and media organizations to facilitate media in reporting China to the world.


Mr. Rong-rong Li, Minister of SASAC

SASAC is the governing body of all state-owned enterprises in China counting for 1/5 of the revenue of Central Government.


Mr. Xiao-ming Yan, Vice Chairman of China Film Group/President of China Movie Channel

China Film Group is the only authorized organization to import foreign films for theatrical release in China. It is also the governing body for international co-production and other production services needed by foreign media companies in China.


Mr. Xiao-chuan Zhou, Chairman of the People's Bank of China (PBC)

PBC is the central bank of China formulating and implementing monetary policy, safeguarding financial stability and providing financial services under the guidance of the State Council.


Mr. Shu-qing Guo, Chairman of China Construction Bank (CCB)

CCB is one of the four largest state-owned China banks, and ranked the first in the world for return on revenue by Fortune.


Mr. Wei-Jia Fu, Chairman of COSCO Group

COSCO is a $17billion corporation from China with powerful global operation in shipping and modern logistic.


Mr. Ting-huan Liu, Chairman of China UnionPay

China UnionPay is China's first globally accepted bankcard.




Powerful Leaders on China

Mr. Fidel Ramos, Former President of the Republic of the Philippines

President Ramos is the co-founder of Boao Forum For Asia, homed in Hainan, China.


Mr. Paul Donovan, CEO, Vodafone EMAPA (Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific & Affiliates)

Vodafone is the world second-largest wireless phone service provider (after China Mobile) and it has invested $3.2 billion in China Mobile holding 3.27 percent interests in the company's shares.


Mr. Peter Bowie, CEO, Deloitte & Touche, Greater China

Deloitte has made significant contribution to China's accounting standard and taxation system.


Mr. Peter Robinson, President and CEO, United States Council for International Business (USCIB)

USCIB represents more than 300 U.S. corporations, professional firms, and business associations, many with substantial trade and investment interests in China.




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